Turgut Özal Nature Park

Turgut Özal Tabiat Parkı

Turgut Özal Nature Park

Nature parks and recreation areas are among the best places to go to get away from city noise and air pollution. Especially lakesides and green areas are undoubtedly the most suitable places in the city to take a breather and rest.

Turgut Özal nature park, which is one of the most spacious and green places to visit in Malatya, is the apple of the eye of both the surrounding provinces and the city of Malatya. We recommend that anyone who comes to visit Malatya should definitely see it. The park built around Pınarbaşı lake is a very preferred place for sightseeing because it is close to the city center. It contains many social areas such as country gardens and zoos. With this aspect, it appeals to people of all age groups.

What to Find in Turgut Özal Nature Park?

In the Turgut Özal nature park, you can find the recreation areas that the municipality has made with great effort and care, and you can have a picnic. It also has cafes and restaurants. Since it is the responsibility of the municipality, it is one of the most affordable places you can go in Malatya. You have to pay a very low fee to enter the park. Turgut Özal nature park has the feature of being a place where you can easily go with your family with its children’s playgrounds. It is also possible to catch a warm environment with the camellias lined up in a row.

Especially in summer, you can spend a nice weekend in the greenery and looking at the lake, and you can enjoy the fun with your family and friends without exceeding your budget. Turgut Özal nature park, which also includes activity spaces, increases its preferability with this versatility. When you end your nature park trip, you can read the blog posts at www.otelneva.com/tr/blog/ to discover and see new places.

Where is Turgut Özal Nature Park?

Turgut Özal nature park is 10 km away from the city center and it is on the left when you go to Elazig road. It is located in Orduzu district of Malatya. If you have come to Malatya, you can choose Neva Hotel for your stay with the importance it gives to customer satisfaction and high service quality. You can learn about the means of transportation and the route you will use to go to the Turgut Özal nature park from the reception.

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