Tohma Canyon and Pool of Power

Tohma Kanyonu ve Kudret Havuzu

Tohma Canyon and Pool of Power

The Kudret Pool is a natural pool formed by water with a summer-winter temperature of 22 C, coming from between the rocks. From a bird’s eye view, it can be thought that this is a tropical island. However, this beauty belongs to the little-known eastern lands of our country and is a paradise offered to us by nature. It is known that water is good for puberty acne, herpes, eczema and rheumatism, joint diseases. Tohma Canyon and Kudret Pool water are self-sulfurous.

There is a walking area passing through Tohma Canyon, where when you close your eyes and listen to the sound of the water, you will feel the negative energy flowing on you and you feel happy. Especially in July-August of the year, the local people, who are overwhelmed by the heat, cool off by immersing themselves in the waters of Tohma Canyon and Kudret Pool. There are three different pools with depths of 80cm, 120cm, and 150cm in the facilities.

Tohma Canyon and Its Surroundings Are Exciting All Seasons

It is currently open to female visitors only one day per week (Wednesday). It is exciting to listen to the sound of the water flowing excitedly through the canyon, it is refreshing to sit under the trees around the canyon in the scorching heat of summer, it is thought-provoking to question the meaning of life by seeing the trees that turn red in autumn and the transformation. All seasons, it’s always beautiful here. Therefore, Tohma Canyon is a place where you can visit summer and winter and feel different tastes.

Even if you can’t come privately, it can be a stopover place to take a breather and get tired while traveling on the intercity road.

What are the Benefits of Tohma Canyon Water?

Kudret Pool is an extension of Günpınar Waterfall. The canyon area around the place where the waterfall spills have been granted “natural park status”. A wonderful facility has been created for the people living in the region, which is quite arid in the summer, to cool off. Air conditioners used in homes and vehicles, electronic equipment and leather seats, in short, living conditions load people with positive ions. People who take this ion cause stress and skin diseases over time. The body needs negative ions to balance the positive ion.

Negative ions are found in nature, in the depths of ocean water and near waterfalls. If you enter the water at or near the waterfall, the negative ion that balances the positive ion that the body receives in normal life will be taken out by itself. In this sense, Tohma Canyon and Power Pool water is a gift from Allah to our country.

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