Sire Market

Şire Pazarı

Sire Market

When Sire Market is mentioned, apricot, which is the livelihood of the people of Malatya, comes to mind. The villagers, who come to the market area at 6 am during the harvest, sell their apricots to the traders to be packed. Malatya apricot is one of our geographically registered products.

The export journey of the apricots, which are packaged in the factories, begins, mainly to America and European countries. In recent years, there has been a demand for Malatya apricots from Far East countries, especially from China. Exports of Malatya apricots to world countries started in 1980, Malatya apricots are known more and more each year, and the amount of export continues to increase. When the apricot export amounts of our country were analyzed, it was 55,337 tons in 2005, while it was 67,638 tons in 2019.

Apricot is the first product that comes to mind when it comes to the agricultural economy in Malatya lands. It is the hope of the villager, it is the livelihood of his household. Our country meets about 15 percent of world exports.

What’s in the Sire Market?

There are many small shops in Şire Market. When you visit the shops, you will be amazed by the gift presentations prepared from apricots. Nectar, fruit pulp, jam, and marmalade are produced from apricots; In addition, dried apricots are split and filled with almonds, apricot kernels, and walnuts, and souvenirs are prepared. The flesh of Malatya apricot has a velvety, soft touch. When it comes to selling apricots in Malatya, the first place that comes to mind is Şire Pazarı.

While visiting the shops of Şire Market, try the tasting treats, but let’s say from the beginning, you will have a hard time deciding on the souvenirs you will buy. If you make your trip to Malatya coincide with the first week of July, you will be participating in the Apricot Festival. Many foreign and domestic tourists visit our distinguished city on these dates.

There are not only apricots in Şire Market, but whatever economic value the local people produce is sold in the market by the villagers. Şire Market is a cultural heritage for Malatya, a tradition handed down from generations. In recent years, the Metropolitan Municipality has taken action for the development of this cultural heritage, for its sustainability, and for it to have a contemporary vision. Intense work continues to ensure the hygiene conditions of the marketplace and to create order. Because this commercial area is an important area for the promotion of Malatya to the world, where foreign tourists come. Malatya is a candidate to be a brand city in the world, so special attention should be paid.

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