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Beydağı Tabiat Parkı

Beydagi Nature Park

Self-sacrificing and wide-ranging studies have been carried out in order to both preserve the green texture of Malatya and reintegrate the destroyed green areas into living spaces. One of them was Beydağı nature park. This nature park, which the people of Malatya and everyone who comes to visit Malatya will want to see, is located in a very large...

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Fotoğraf Makinası Müzesi

Camera Museum

In 1839, the camera was defined as the dropping of nature onto a surface with the help of glass. The art of photography, which started with coloring works and long gelatin films for a long time, nowadays finds a place for itself in almost everyone's homes and even in their pockets. From the past to the present, the quality,...

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Arslantepe Ören Yeri

Arslantepe Ruins

There are multiple places to visit and see in Malatya. When traveling, there is more than one person who wants to see historical ruins and places. Arslantepe Ruins in Malatya is among these historical places. Its history goes back centuries. Where is Arslantepe Ruins in Malatya? This archaeological site, which is 7 kilometers away from the city center of Malatya, attracts...

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Levent Vadisi

Don’t Return Without Seeing Levent Valley

Malatya is one of the cities with historical and geopolitical importance in the Eastern Anatolia Region, as it is adjacent to Mesopotamia and has a coast to the upper Euphrates river, and has hosted many civilizations throughout history. Levent Valley, one of the must-see places if you happen to be in Malatya, which smells of history, is a natural wonder...

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Turgut Özal Tabiat Parkı

Turgut Özal Nature Park

Nature parks and recreation areas are among the best places to go to get away from city noise and air pollution. Especially lakesides and green areas are undoubtedly the most suitable places in the city to take a breather and rest. Turgut Özal nature park, which is one of the most spacious and green places to visit in Malatya, is...

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Başkonaklar Etnografya Müzesi

Başkonaklar Ethnography Museum

Malatya Başkonaklar Ethnography Museum is a two-storey historical mudbrick mansion built around 1900. After a long restoration period, it was put on display. These historical museums and mansions, visited by many local and foreign tourists every year, have become the symbols of Malatya. If you have been to the city of Malatya, we definitely recommend you to stop by...

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Şire Pazarı

Sire Market

When Sire Market is mentioned, apricot, which is the livelihood of the people of Malatya, comes to mind. The villagers, who come to the market area at 6 am during the harvest, sell their apricots to the traders to be packed. Malatya apricot is one of our geographically registered products. The export journey of the apricots, which are packaged in...

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Resmi Rezervasyon Sitemiz Yayında

Our Official Reservation Site is Online

Our online reservation system has been put into service as of February 2021. You can benefit from our advantageous prices and campaigns by making a direct reservation without being a member from our official page, and speed up your check-in process by making online payments.

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