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Nemrut Dağı

Nemrut Mountain

Mount Nemrut is a mountain located in the Adıyaman district of Turkey and has a height of 2150. Mount Nemrut is actually not completely located in Adıyaman, a part of Mount Nemrut is located in Malatya. It has an atmosphere that fascinates not only people in our country but also people from many parts of the world with its...

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Malatya Otelleri

Malatya Hotels, Most Affordable and Best Malatya Hotel Deals 2022 Deals

There is confusion about Malatya Hotels If you are doing research on Malatya Hotel Prices, you are at the right place. Do not worry about Accommodation in Malatya, because we are here for you and ready to host you. We are waiting to assist you through all channels with our web page, reception line, and online travel agencies. Some Favorite Malatya...

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Açık Büfe

Our Open Buffet Breakfast Service Has Started

At Malatya Hotel Neva, we were offering a plate breakfast service for your health instead of an Open Buffet Breakfast during the pandemic period. Due to the decrease in the epidemic and high demand, our breakfasts are now offered in the Open Buffet concept. Make your reservation now at the best prices!

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Malatya Otel Neva, Ekstra %10 İndirim! En Uygun Otel Fiyatları

Malatya Hotel Neva, Extra 10% Discount! Best Hotel Deals 2022

If you have come this far while researching Malatya Hotels, then it is not possible not to make a special discount for your reservation. We offer a 10% Extra Discount until the end of the year, valid only for reservations to be made through our Malatya Otel Neva website. We make an unconditional, unconditional additional discount on our already...

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Malatya Yemekleri

Malatya Dishes Guide, What are the Famous and Local Dishes of Malatya, What are their Names 2022

You will be really surprised with Malatya Dishes. We have prepared a short but delicious article for you about Malatya's Famous Dishes and Malatya Local Dishes and their names. Malatya is one of the most important cities with its many flavors other than apricots and has many beauties waiting to be discovered. It offers the opportunity to spend a unique time...

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Malatya Orduzu

Where is Malatya Orduzu? What can you do in Malatya Orduzu Pınarbaşı? 2022

Malatya Orduzu is one of the recreation areas where green and blue intersect. Malatya Orduzu Pınarbaşı is located on the Elazig-Malatya highway. The Recreation Area is located within the borders of the Battalgazi district of Malatya. Located in the recreation area, the lake is a kind of set lake and was formed by the accumulation of spring waters. Malatya Orduzu has...

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Malatya Gezilecek Yerler

Where are Malatya Places to Visit, Malatya Center Places to Visit List of Names, July 2022 Current List

Recently, we have been getting a lot of questions from our guests about Places to Visit in Malatya. For this reason, we have compiled the subject of Places to Visit in Malatya. We have prepared both a list of places to visit in Malatya Merkez and we have reviewed this list under separate headings on our blog. Malatya Places to Visit...

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Tohma Kanyonu ve Kudret Havuzu

Tohma Canyon and Pool of Power

The Kudret Pool is a natural pool formed by water with a summer-winter temperature of 22 C, coming from between the rocks. From a bird's eye view, it can be thought that this is a tropical island. However, this beauty belongs to the little-known eastern lands of our country and is a paradise offered to us by nature. It...

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