Nemrut Mountain

Nemrut Dağı

Nemrut Mountain

Mount Nemrut is a mountain located in the Adıyaman district of Turkey and has a height of 2150. Mount Nemrut is actually not completely located in Adıyaman, a part of Mount Nemrut is located in Malatya. It has an atmosphere that fascinates not only people in our country but also people from many parts of the world with its beauty and wonderful regions. From past to present, Mount Nemrut has preserved and continues to preserve its beauty. Mount Nemrut is also home to ancient historical ruins, formerly known as “Commagene”.

How to Go to Mount Nemrut?

Mount Nemrut is located in the area of ​​Büyüköz village of Pütürge district of Malatya and within the borders of Kahta of Adıyaman, so there are many options for going to Mount Nemrut. The first of these options will undoubtedly be to reach this mountain via Malatya. Nemrut Mountain can be reached via Malatya as follows: It will be possible to reach the Malatya Pütürge Tepehan road with a 100 km journey. The other way is to reach Mount Nemrut via Adıyaman. This route is as follows: If you are going to come from other cities, you should go from Adıyaman airport to the center and from the center to Kahta district. You can reach Mount Nemrut from Kahta district with a thirty-four km journey. The transportation time to Mount Nemrut may differ depending on the city you come from.

If you wish, our hotel can recommend reliable guides who organize individual or group tours to this magnificent mountain, Mount Nemrut. You can get information about this from the reception. We do not have any economic relationship or ties with the recommended guide.

After arriving at Mount Nemrut by various means of transportation, you will witness the fascination of the mountain and learn about the rich history of the mountain through the guides, it is an opportunity that cannot be missed by people.

Places to Visit and Ruins on Mount Nemrut

On the high points of Mount Nemrut, there are traces of a kingdom that survived 750 BC until the 1st century BC. When it comes to Mount Nemrut, what comes to mind is undoubtedly large head sculptures. Although these large head sculptures on the mountain preserve their mystery, it is thought that the purpose of their construction is to unite all religions and peoples in the world. We can briefly summarize what needs to be done on Mount Nemrut: Visit the places on Mount Nemrut, tradesmen, watch the sunrise and sunset on Mount Nemrut, and go to the west and north terraces. Mount Nemrut and the beauties it contains are welcomed with interest both in our country and in many parts of the world. The big head sculptures, which are the most important feature of this mountain, are made of lime blocks and still maintain their features and shapes to a large extent.

The Story of Mount Nemrut

Back then, people lived to be at least a thousand years old. The king of Mount Nemrut, on the other hand, was about a thousand years old and had a son who was around five hundred years old. For the king, his son was his everything, his only valuable asset. One day, the king’s son landed on the shores of Lake Van and fell into Lake Van, and drowned. The king, who received this news, fell out of his bed and then cried out against the mountain of Nemrut. He cried out so much that Nemrut, a volcanic volcano, exploded for the last time that day because of his sadness. This is the story of Mount Nemrut briefly.

Mount Nemrut and Tourists

This huge mountain, which still preserves many mysteries today, has attracted and continues to attract tourists from many regions. The fascinating weather of Mount Nemrut is so popular in many parts of the world that hundreds or even thousands of local and foreign tourists visit this fascinating mountain daily. Especially people from many parts of our country go to see Mount Nemrut and its fascinating large head sculptures.

For many, these fascinating individuals still somehow connect people and religions and create a wonderful ambiance with locals and foreigners. At first, this magnificent mountain, which people could enter for free, was later made paid for by the decision of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Now, the entrance fee to Mount Nemrut has been determined as twenty-five Turkish liras including transportation and six Turkish liras to enter the ancient city inside. The price seems very affordable for many people who come to see this mountain. If you are in Malatya or Adıyaman, Mount Nemrut, which is a beauty that you should definitely see, is open to its visitors at all times of the year.

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