Where are Malatya Places to Visit, Malatya Center Places to Visit List of Names, July 2022 Current List

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Where are Malatya Places to Visit, Malatya Center Places to Visit List of Names, July 2022 Current List

Recently, we have been getting a lot of questions from our guests about Places to Visit in Malatya. For this reason, we have compiled the subject of Places to Visit in Malatya. We have prepared both a list of places to visit in Malatya Merkez and we have reviewed this list under separate headings on our blog.

Malatya Places to Visit List and Details

Before we start our list of Places to Visit in Malatya, you should know that Malatya has had magnificent beauties and perfect tastes since the first day it was founded. It stands out as a big city to visit, with its historical places and areas that are based on ancient times and enable us to carry past memories to the present day.

Arapgir: With its beautiful nature, uniquely delicious food, and historical structure, it stands out as the most preferred place to spend pleasant times.

Camera and Radio Gramophone Museum: The museums in the center of Malatya are quite remarkable. In addition, it stands out with its feature of being the largest photography museum in Asia and Europe and a museum that deserves all appreciation.

Since Malatya is a very easy and central city, transportation to neighboring eastern provinces is also very easy. For this reason, even if Mount Nemrut is connected to Adıyaman, transportation from Malatya is quite short and easy.

Malatya Castle, which has a very old history, is one of the places where history lovers show the most interest. Arslantepe ruins, which are among the historical places, offer wonderful moments to all its guests.

Poppy Hill: When viewed from afar, a human silhouette

Some of the Places to Visit in Malatya

  • Sire Market
  • Başkonaklar Ethnography Museum
  • Turgut Özal Nature Park
  • Levent Valley
  • Arslantepe Ruins
  • Camera Museum
  • Beydagi Nature Park
  • Malatya Castle
  • Battalgazi Grand Mosque
  • Malatya Museum
  • Ataturk house
  • Silahtar Mustafa Pasha Caravanserai
  • Orduzu Pınarbaşı
  • Tashoron Church
  • Tohma Canyon and Pool of Power

You can find more detailed information about these places on our updated list on our blog, and you can get support from us on any issue you may have about accommodation and travel.

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