Don’t Return Without Seeing Levent Valley

Levent Vadisi

Don’t Return Without Seeing Levent Valley

Malatya is one of the cities with historical and geopolitical importance in the Eastern Anatolia Region, as it is adjacent to Mesopotamia and has a coast to the upper Euphrates river, and has hosted many civilizations throughout history.

Levent Valley, one of the must-see places if you happen to be in Malatya, which smells of history, is a natural wonder that was formed as a result of geological deformations approximately 65 million years ago.

Geological Features

Levent Valley, with a total length of 28 kilometers, is among the most interesting natural areas in the world due to the remains from the neolithic age. The valley is a unique historical area worth seeing with its 65 million-year-old geological formations, rock formations, cliffs, and caves with rock reliefs on the walls. Since it is difficult to visit the entire 28-kilometer valley, Kozalak Village, Taşköy, Bağköy, and Küçükkürne villages, where the caves are concentrated and where different stones are found, attract more attention.

Observation Terrace

The viewing terrace, which was built by the Malatya Governorate, increases the visibility of the valley and plays a very important role in the promotion of the valley, which is the geoarchaeological center. This observation deck, which was built to increase the attractiveness of this valley, which is a natural wonder worth seeing, was built on a flat rock block at the most central point of the cliffs stretching for 28 kilometers. The viewing terrace is 104 meters high. It is a different project built by laying glass on steel construction. Its distance of 8.5 meters extends into the void. With all these features, the viewing terrace has become an attractive area for domestic and foreign visitors. You can have the chance to explore this extraordinary valley with the cable car used to reach the viewing terrace.

Outdoor Sports and Alternative Tourism Activities

One of the most important features of Levent Valley is that it hosts sports and alternative tourism activities. Among them, it is possible to count sports activities such as trekking, parachuting, rock climbing, camping, and scouting. In addition to the opportunity to rest, with its view reminiscent of a unique painting in autumn and summer, it is an indispensable region for photographers.

How to go?

Located in Malatya’s Akçadağ district, the valley is on the D-300 highway. It is approximately 45 kilometers from Malatya city center. You can reach the region by minibuses going to Levent Village, as well as with your private vehicle.

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