Camera Museum

Fotoğraf Makinası Müzesi

Camera Museum

In 1839, the camera was defined as the dropping of nature onto a surface with the help of glass. The art of photography, which started with coloring works and long gelatin films for a long time, nowadays finds a place for itself in almost everyone’s homes and even in their pockets. From the past to the present, the quality, colors, resolution, and lenses of lenses have changed and improved considerably.

The enthusiasts of photography, which has become a part of our social life, are increasing day by day. For this reason, the past of photography, which is also the backbone of popularism, is as curious as to its future. You can visit the Malatya camera museum and the city of Malatya to follow this historical development and see it with your eyes. In this article, you will learn about this rare technology museum.

Malatya Camera Museum

Malatya Camera Museum is one of the three largest museums in the world. For this reason, it has the feature of being one of the most popular cultural places in Malatya city. This distinguished museum is frequented by many local and foreign tourists every year. It contains 2023 cameras. You should definitely visit the museum when you come to Malatya, where you can observe the historical development of cameras and show you the most beautiful details of this technology that has risen from the past to the present.

Malatya camera museum amazes those who see it with more than 3600 accessories and consumables. The museum has become one of the symbols of Malatya with its beautiful details that you cannot take your eyes off of. If you have visited the city to visit the different historical and touristic places of Malatya, you can choose Neva Hotel, one of the most beautiful hotels in Malatya, which provides service without sacrificing quality. You can access hotel details at

What’s in the Malatya Camera Museum?

The camera museum is in the form of a two-storey wooden house on Malatya Art Street. You should definitely see the accessories in the camera museum, which are produced in much different quality with bellows, film, digital, and give you a history recital from the past to the present. The museum, which became operational with the joint effort of Turkey’s important collectors and the municipalities of Malatya, awaits its enthusiasts. You can also get information about the museum transportation and content from the hotel reception.

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