Beydagi Nature Park

Beydağı Tabiat Parkı

Beydagi Nature Park

Self-sacrificing and wide-ranging studies have been carried out in order to both preserve the green texture of Malatya and reintegrate the destroyed green areas into living spaces. One of them was Beydağı nature park. This nature park, which the people of Malatya and everyone who comes to visit Malatya will want to see, is located in a very large area. Nature Park in Beydağı is located in Battalgazi district of Malatya.

Beydagi Nature Park

The nature park in Beydağı, which was put into service after the detailed studies carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality, has a green area of ​​100 decares. A large number of trees have been planted in order to bring the green of this area and nature lovers together as soon as possible. Thus, Malatya manages to impress both the residents of Malatya and those who come to visit Malatya with its greenery once again.

What’s in the Beydağı Nature Park?

Among the greenery, there are also buildings and service areas in this nature park. Some of those:

  • Country Restaurant
  • Country Casino
  • Guesthouse
  • Introduction Visitor Center
  • Historical building
  • Masjid
  • Buffet
  • Parking area

Of course, we will share some information for those who are wondering what activities take place in this nature park.

  • Hiking
  • Photography
  • Picnic
  • Daily Use
  • Wildlife Watching
  • Mountaineering

In addition to the buildings and service areas, there are of course different plant species in the nature park. In the nature park, which has a lush appearance, there are also 36 different types of plants from 21 plant families. Among these 36 plant species, 38 different plant classes were found.

The Importance of Beydağı Nature Park

The area in which the Nature Park is located; In addition to its recreational value, it has features that attract everyone’s attention with its wide valley and canyon. At the same time, the İnderesi cave in the field makes the natural beauties even more accessible. In addition, it is possible to encounter many rock formations and the formation of natural landscape characters in the field. Due to the features of the field, it is possible to do paragliding and trekking. With all these features, Beydağı nature park is one of the must-see places when it comes to Malatya.

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