Başkonaklar Ethnography Museum

Başkonaklar Etnografya Müzesi

Başkonaklar Ethnography Museum

Malatya Başkonaklar Ethnography Museum is a two-storey historical mudbrick mansion built around 1900. After a long restoration period, it was put on display. These historical museums and mansions, visited by many local and foreign tourists every year, have become the symbols of Malatya. If you have been to the city of Malatya, we definitely recommend you to stop by the Saray Mahallesi, where these distinguished stone mansions are located. You can also stay at Neva Hotel, with its proximity and quality to the historical touristic areas of Malatya. You can get information from the hotel reception for this cultural trip you will take, and you can get a contact number from our web page.

What’s Inside the Başkonaklar Ethnography Museum?

Başkonaklar ethnography museum has two floors and the lower floor opens to a large courtyard. There are 3 rooms on the lower floor and 6 rooms on the upper floor, and ethnographic artifacts belonging to Malatya and the Central Anatolia region are exhibited. The floors, stairs, and memories inside the mansion are made of wood. Wrought iron and carving art were used in the door trims. These historical mansions were home to the notables of the city of Malatya, which was about 120 years ago. Since the people living here are influential families of the region they live in, it is possible to find many historical, magnificent, and ethnographic items in the museum.

These mansions, which were built during the time of Hacı Said Efendi, are 5 side by side. It is rumored that it belongs to 5 siblings. For this reason, the mansions are also known as Beşkardeşler. There was also a carriage ride in Malatya’s cinema district at that time. It is also among the rumors that there are water harıks in the courtyards and carriages are made on the parquets between the mansions. These adobe historical mansions, which were also used by the military, teachers, engineers, and doctors of the period, are located on Saray Caddesi, which is also called the most beautiful street of Malatya.

It must be worth it that it has been restored for years, as you visit the Başkonaklar Ethnography Museum and its surroundings, you will go back to the 1900s and admire this cultural heritage. You can ask Neva Hotel officials about the places you can go on your excursions, about providing ease of transportation, and enjoy your Malatya trip with its reliable identity, delicious food service and comfortable accommodation options.

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