Arslantepe Ruins

Arslantepe Ören Yeri

Arslantepe Ruins

There are multiple places to visit and see in Malatya. When traveling, there is more than one person who wants to see historical ruins and places. Arslantepe Ruins in Malatya is among these historical places. Its history goes back centuries.

Where is Arslantepe Ruins in Malatya?

This archaeological site, which is 7 kilometers away from the city center of Malatya, attracts a lot of attention. It is located in Battalgazi district and Orduzu town. It ranks first among the mounds in Turkey in terms of size. It lies to the west of the Euphrates River. Its height is 30 meters.

What is the History of Arslantepe Mound?

The first settlements are known in 5000 BC. These settlements continued until the 11th century AD. At first, it continued as the village of the Romans. In the following years, they started to be used as Byzantine cemeteries. In 1930, various reliefs, courtyards and some statues were found during the excavations of the French. Since there was no museum in Malatya at that time, these finds were sent to the museum in Ankara.

The people living in Arslantepe Mound made the first war tools. It can be said to be the place where the wars first started. The first adobe palace in the world is found in this archaeological site. It is referred to as the birth of civilization because the first trade sealing application was made here. Excavations have been going on for more than 50 years. Many valuable studies have been done and people continue to watch with curiosity.

This Arslantepe Ruins, where the first state definition was made, is one of the places that people who come to Malatya should see.

Other Things to Know About Arslantepe Ruins

Arslantepe Ruins Museum visits are free of charge. The museum is open between 09:00 and 19:00 in summer. It is open between 08:00 – 17:00 in winter. It is still being researched and remains are being found. It is known as the place where the first urbanization was established in religious, cultural and official sense. Continuing finds carry the possibility of changing the course of history. Therefore, it attracts a lot of attention from tourists.

It takes the visitors to the museum to 7 thousand years ago and causes different feelings. For those who want to experience these feelings and come from outside the city; As Hotel Neva, we will be pleased to host you.

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